My Tree


My Tree

I got a free tree in the mail from The Arbor Day Foundation, and I finally planted it in my front yard. And as I was planting it, I started thinking…

What will our world look like when this tree has grown a foot? Will this pandemic still be ravaging our world? How many lives will have been lost? And how many miracles will have unfolded? How many days will we have spent in isolation? And how will we have grown through this trial? Will relationships be strengthened? Will we have learned new skills or started new hobbies? Will we have found new ways of giving to and serving others? Will we have stopped wasting time on frivolous things? Started taking for granted all we have instead of focusing on what we don’t? Will we seize every opportunity to hug those we love and be grateful for the company of friends instead of thinking of our never ending to-do lists? Will our faith be pushed to the brink but not shattered…tested only to be made stronger?

What about when this tree Is full-grown? What will our world look like then? Will we be more united as a nation? As a world? Will a vaccine have been found because great minds from all walks came together, putting aside political persuasion, race, gender & religion? Will we have elected a leader based on what is truly best for the well-being of the many, not the few? Will we have faced some fears head-on about the frailty of life and our own mortality? And come out with a deep trust in God’s sovereignty over it all and our need for a savior?

What kind of tree is it you ask? It’s a Crape Myrtle, I’m not sure what color yet…time will tell. However, if I had had my choice, the tree I would have planted would have been a lime…because nothing goes better with Corona!

I hope and pray that you are all fairing well during this time, and if there is anything you need, anything I can pray for, or any way I can be there for you, please let me know!



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